What really happened at Paris


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A series of talks given at the Academy of Music in Philiadelphia, 1920-1921.
Contents: Preparations for peace, by S.E. Mezes-- The atmosphere and organization of the Peace conference, by C. Day-- The new boundaries of Germany, by C.H. Haskins-- Poland, by R.H. Lord-- The end of an empire: remants of Austria- Hungary, by C. Seymour-- Flume and the Adriatic problem, by D.W. Johnson-- Constantinople and the Balkans, by I. Bowman-- The Armenian problem and the distribution of Turkey, by W. L. Westermann-- The protection of minorities and natives in transferred territories, by M. O. Hudson-- The trial of the Kaiser, by J. B. Scott-- Reparations, by T.W. Lamont-- The economic settlement, by A.A. Young-- The labor clauses of the treaty, by S. Gompers-- The economic administrationduring the armistice, by H. Hoover-- The atlantic fleet in the great war, by H.T. Mayo-- The problem of disarmament, by T.H. Bliss-- The making of the League of Nations, by D.H. Miller-- The Versailles peace in retrospect, by E.M. House.



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Edward Mandell House, What really happened at Paris (New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1921).

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