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Program at the Ceremonies Attending the Burial of an Unknown and Unidentified American Soldier, November 11, 1921 (1921) "Master of Ceremonies, the Secretary of War"--Cover and title page.

Alexis Soyer: A Chivalrous Chef by J. S. Taylor (1921) "Reprinted from United States naval medical bulletin, vol. 15, no. 1."

"Printed Exclusively for The Literary Digest."

Gift of David Boger.

From the library of Ray Stannard Baker and donated by Katharine Brand, summer 1947.

Cartoon on verso of each portrait including frontpiece. Written partly by Clinton W. Gilbert and partly by John Kirby.

"Topical references" at end of each chapter.

"The President's original draft of the covenant of the league of nations, laid before the American commission on Jan 10, 1919": pages [281]-294.

A series of talks given at the Academy of Music in Philiadelphia, 1920-1921.
Contents: Preparations for peace, by S.E. Mezes-- The atmosphere and organization of the Peace conference, by C. Day-- The new boundaries of Germany, by C.H. Haskins--…

Inscription: "Cary T. Grayson"

Inscription on recto of front flyleaf: "Admiral Grayson with the cordial greeting of his friend. William E. Doddd, Jan 23, '26"
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