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  • Publisher is exactly "New York, NY: Harper & Brothers"

Inscription on recto of front endsheet: Allan F. Saunders.
Inscription on verso of front cover: Book No 167WI, Purchased May 22, 1916, #P24, 41.

Autographed set 268 of 400.
V. 7-10 only. V. 1-6 held in box 006.

Autographed set number 268 of 400.
8 volumes held in box 006, 4 in box 007.

Signed by Woodrow Wilson, Washington DC, 25 February, 1921.
Inscription: This volume was autographed by as above by President Wilson, whose malady makes writing with his own hands rather painful. ... Febr. 25/21. Carter Glass.
V. 1 of 10 only.

V. 19. June to November, 1859.

Inscription on recto of third front endsheet: Woodrow Wilson, 18 April, 1918.

Five of five volumes.

Bookplate: Edward Wright Sheldon.
Bookplate: Library of Princeton University. Edward M. Sheldon '79 Memorial.

This is a five volume set, and each individual volume is denoted by a letter after the Object ID on the book wrap.
Donated by Katharine Brand in the summer of 1947 from the Library of Ray Stannard Baker. Given to Ray Stannard Baker by Edith Bolling…

Gift of the W. K. McClure Foundation.

Gift of Charles W. Sellars.

Gift of Mrs. John Page Elliott in October 2011.

The binding is loose and several of the first pages have separated from the binding.
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