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The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation by Board of Directors of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation (1935?)

The Landing Force and Small Arm Instructions by United States Navy (1905)

The Hotchkiss School: Class Day Exercises Saturday, June 15, 4 pm, 1912 (1969)

Presidents of the United States. 189-? Smallembossed cardboard chocolate brown souvenir booklet with gold lettering "Presidents of the United States" on the cover. It contains foldout engraving portraits of each President from George Washington to…

New Chevrolet Six (1932)

Class Day: Hotchkiss 1912. 1912.

Cap and Gown: Annual of University of the South by Britton D. Tabor, ed. (1936)

Book of Common Prayer (1893)

A Few Kind Words for Uncle Sam by Bernard M. Baruch (1930)
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