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Brown Finely Textured Leather Case with Flap on Top and Leather Strap To Hold It. Linear Decoration At Edges, Green- Gray Marbled Endpapers, Back (Upside Down) Has Presbyterian Board of Publication Calendar For 1860" and Store Records Work Back and…

Inscribed, "This book is not my property but was marked with my name by mistake. A. M. Fraser"

Contains the family records including marriages,births, and deaths of the Wright family.

Inscribed: "Julia P. Robbins from 'Papa and Mamma' 'Fruitstein' March 10, 1894
'This is my beloved Son - hear you him.'
'I have no great joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.'

Small Bible with loose front cover and Title page missing. Have only volume 1 of 6 volumes.

Volume One of a leatherbound six volume set. This is the only volume we possess.
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