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Date: 1966

Includes bibliography and index.

Date: 2001

Date: 1992

Date: 1982

Date: 1948

Date: 1997

Date: 1913

Date: 1922

Date: 1917

Date: 1995

Spring 2003

Includes bibliographical references.

Creator: Sherelyn Ogden

Date: 1994

"A Publication of the Presbyterian Historical Society." Includes bibliographical references (p. [469]-483) and index.

Date: 1990

At head of title: Library of Congress. In two parts: 1. Bibliography, topically and chronologically arranged. 2. Remarks on the sources.

Date: 1935

Date: 2004

Date: 1912

Includes bibliographical references.

Date: c2005

"The word 'history' was interpreted in its broadest sense to include every phase of man's activity and thought."--Pref. Classified, with index. "Bibliographies and indexes": pages [1]-8.

Date: 1930

Date: 1891

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