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Brown Finely Textured Leather Case with Flap on Top and Leather Strap To Hold It. Linear Decoration At Edges, Green- Gray Marbled Endpapers, Back (Upside Down) Has Presbyterian Board of Publication Calendar For 1860" and Store Records Work Back and…

Newspaper created by the American troops in Germany after World War I, 1919-1923.

The Book of Common Prayer and Administrative of the Holy Communion According to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America together with the Psalter of Psalms of David (1969)

The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremeonies of the Church. (1893)

The Battle Line of Democracy: Prose and Poetry of the World War. Published by the Committee of Public Information and George Creel. 1917.

The Army and Navy Club: By-Laws and House Rules (1911)

Speeches, Public Addresses and Other Authorized Utterances and Messages of President Woodrow Wilson. The text is taken from the Official White House copies. (1916)
Cover title: A book for Americans.

Speeches of Hon. R. Y. Thomas Jr of Kentucky 1909-23. This is a hardbound bound volume of speeches given by Congressman Robert Young Thomas, Jr. (1909-1925). Each is an individually printed report printed by the Government Printing Office. Signature…

White House Physician by Ross T. McEntire and George Creel (1946)

What the World Owes to President Wilson by Chas. Kingsley Webster (1969)

War Speeches and Address of Woodrow Wilson by Haldeman Julius, ed. (192?), Little Blue Book, No. 125

United States Naval Medical Bulletin (1915)

The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation by Board of Directors of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation (1935?)

The Study of the Great War: A Topical Outline with Existence Quotations and Reading References by Samuel B Harding (1918). War Information Series no. 16.

The Mischianza 1912 (1912). Year-book of the senior class of Hotchkiss School.

The Mayflower Club: By Laws, House Rules, and List of Members (1911)

The life story of Presley Marion Rixey : Surgeon General, U.S. Navy, 1902-1910 : Biography and Autobiography. by William C Braisted. (1930)

The Landing Force and Small Arm Instructions by United States Navy (1905)

The Hymnal: : as authorized and approved for use by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of Our Lord MCMXVI. by the Protestant Episcopal Church. (1916). Text of hymns only; no music…

The Hotchkiss School: Class Day Exercises Saturday, June 15, 4 pm, 1912 (1969)

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments by Oxford University Press (1913). Has signature and inscriptions by Cary T. Grayson.

The Great Men in the Chronicles of America (1919) advertising brochure for the Yale University Press 50 volume set of The Chronicles of America, published between 1919-1924.

The Chevy Chase Club 1915 (1915). Handbook for the club which lists officers, members, by-laws, constitution, and many other rules and protocols involved with being a member of the club.

Southern Medical Journal (1915). The January 1915 issue contains the following address given by Dr. Grayson to members attending the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Southern Medical Association, "The Old Country Doctor", pp. 1-3.

Second Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson as President of the United States and Thomas Riley Marshall as Vice President of the United States by Sixty Fifth Congress (1918)

Saunders Pocket Medical Formulary by William Purcell (1909)

Rules for the Proper Uses of Heraldry in the United States and other Extracts from the Proper Authority (n.d.)

Program at the Ceremonies Attending the Burial of an Unknown and Unidentified American Soldier, November 11, 1921 (1921) "Master of Ceremonies, the Secretary of War"--Cover and title page.

Principle and Practice of Endocrine Medicine by William Nathaniel Berkeley (1926)

Presidents of the United States. 189-? Smallembossed cardboard chocolate brown souvenir booklet with gold lettering "Presidents of the United States" on the cover. It contains foldout engraving portraits of each President from George Washington to…

Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties 1856-1916, Inclusive. by South Trimble (1916)

Philips' Authentic Imperial Maps for Tourists & Travellers. Central Europe. Mapof Central Europe is mounted on canvas and folds into a stiff red board booklet so it is still like new after nearly 100 years.

New Chevrolet Six (1932)
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